Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All



Stars of the Week

  • Tabitha (Willow) for singing and dancing beautifully and generally being confident and happy around the class!
  • Benjamin (Yew) for really standing out in his tennis and squash lessons and for always having a smile on his face, no matter what.
  • Scarlet (Rowan) for trying her absolute best at everything she does and for producing some brilliant art and DT.
  • Gerard (Holly) for being such a gentle, kind and hard working boy; Gerard is so ready for year two.
  • Lucy (Maple) for showing perseverance and determination; Lucy just keeps going until she reaches her goal. She also showed great teamwork at Pinsent.
  • Ruby (Cherry) for demonstrating thoughtfulness towards others in her class as well as her teachers.
  • Josh (Beech) for throwing himself into everything he does and really working hard.
  • Ben (Beech) for trying particularly hard in his maths; Ben never sits back, he always goes for it and gives 100%!
  • Joshua (Ash) for trying really hard to make sensible choices and for brilliant work in phonics and writing.
  • Ed (Elm) for his amazing attitude at Pinsent; Ed thought of some really creative ideas and persevered despite falling over and hurting his ankle.
  • Oli (Oak) for consistently working hard and for producing some brilliant writing.
  • James (Larch) for being such a loyal friend to everyone; he sets such a great example to others because he’s so mature.
  • Elizabeth (Cedar) for her amazing piece of writing about monsters and her generally brilliant writing all week.
  • Lauren (Pine) for always working hard, particularly in the school play where she learnt all her lines.
  • Jane (Pine) for supporting with choreographing a lot of dances.
  • Abbie (Sycamore) for demonstrating such a positive and brave attitude towards her transition to her next school.
  • Izzy (Sycamore) for being such a lovely girl, for working so hard and being a great role model.