Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All



Stars of the Week

  • Zara (Holly) for always getting on with her work and doing everything she can to make it her best.
  • Panagiotis (Rowan) for being very kind and settling in well. He also wrote a really great story.
  • Rebecca (Willow) for being able to cover every target in one piece of writing.
  • Cameron (Yew) for writing a brilliant post card.
  • Ella (Elm) for always doing her best and having a smile on her face.
  • Thea (Larch) for being a fantastic member of the class and always having a great attitude to all her work.
  • Katie (Cherry) for being an amazing friend and always looking out for everyone.
  • Oscar (Maple) for always doing his absolute best and producing an amazing piece of work.
  • Flynn (Cedar) for using his imagination really well and using it to complete thinking cards.
  • Amelie (Beech) for always making the most of year 5 and having a smile on her face.
  • Hannah (Beech) for her amazing writing and always putting in 110%.
  • Charlie (Pine) for having a ‘1’ in 3-2-1 every day and being a great member of year 6.
  • Freya (Sycamore) for her attitude to her work and always commenting on feedback.