Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All



Stars of the Week

  • Rafferty (Holly) for working really hard in Literacy and writing some amazing sentences about his imaginary creature.
  • Joseph (Holly) for listening really well and concentrating hard on his writing.
  • Phoenix (Rowan) for writing a brilliant piece about his imaginary creature and for having a great trip to Marwell Zoo.
  • Sway (Yew) for her brilliant sentences about aliens.
  • Scarlett (Willow) for moving away from her usual group to undertake a tricky challenge.
  • Summer (Larch) for being the first child to achieve all her targets in Mrs Leader’s group.
  • Felix (Elm) for improving in confidence and for his amazing volcano writing.
  • Eddie (Maple) for being such a deep thinker and always producing great work.
  • Aisling (Cherry) for writing a brilliant description about the character Max from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.
  • Laura (Beech) for listening really well and for some amazing writing about ‘The Piano’.
  • Red (Cedar) for brilliant writing in Literacy and for confidently sharing his point in a maths discussion!
  • Jodie (Pine) for demonstrating enthusiasm and eagerness to volunteer. Jodie was also a great usher during our magistrates visit.
  • Josh R (Sycamore) for being a brilliant anti-bullying ambassador.