Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All



Stars of the Week

  • Lacey (Holly) for demonstrating sensible and thoughtful behaviour and for using her brilliant imagination during literacy lessons.
  • Grace (Rowan) for working her absolute hardest and being a superstar.
  • Hannah (Yew) for not only being an amazing mathematician but for also producing some excellent writing. Well done Hannah!
  • Evan (Willow) for being consistently polite and kind.
  • Toby M (Larch) for being a great member of Larch class and always coming in with a smile on his face. Toby has also made some new friends this week.
  • Josh (Elm) for being an all-round super star. Josh is a great member of the class and his sportsman ship is admirable. He is also really kind to others.
  • Callum (Cherry) for really being a "stand out star" recently. Callum has tried especially hard in DT and has been helping everyone else.
  • Alex (Maple) for his wonderful samba dance and for making such an effort this week.
  • Tommy (Beech) for giving 100% to everything. If things go wrong, he will work out why and then do his best to change it. He has been a great member of Year 5. Well done.
  • Freddie (Cedar) for his brilliant writing. Freddie wrote a story of his own and the class has been enjoying listening to him reading it.
  • Leo (Sycamore) for working hard all year and for making such a brilliant effort with learning his lines for the year six performance.
  • Evie and Lizzie (Pine) for working so hard on their giant spiral Fibonacci sequence maths problem.