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Welcome to the Weeke Primary School Assocation (WPSA) Page!

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Weeke Primary School Association is a group of volunteer parents, teachers and carers who arrange social and fundraising events to support the school community. Feel free to come along to any of our meetings – the more there are of us the more we can achieve, we meet once a term in school at night.

Not all of us parents can make it to meetings or make it to every event we run, however we are extremely lucky that the majority of parents and carers in our school community take part in some form; baking a cake, manning a stall, buying a cookbook, the list goes on.

For more information on helping out or joining the WPSA you can contact your year rep:

  • Year R – Rebecca Fryer (Megan’s Mum)
  • Year 1 – Sarah Robinson (James’ Mum)
  • Year 2 – Nicola Robinson (Julian’s Mum)
  • Year 3 – Liz McDowell (Toby’s Mum)
  • Year 4 – Lara Pegorini (Lauren’s Mum)
  • Year 5 – Carolyn Thomson (Peter & Lucy’s Mum)
  • Year 6 – Olivia Ellerton (Camilla’s Mum)

Alternatively you can email us at weekeprimary.wpsa@gmail.com.

The Weeke Primary School Association

  • Chair – Gill Bowyer
  • Vice Chair – Charlie Hardcastle
  • Secretary – Jane Mascall
  • Treasury Team – Ann Raybould and Rachel Herbert