Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All

Rewarding Special Efforts and Achievements

Whole School Reward System

At Weeke we have an expectation that children demonstrate our school values at all times, however we also reward children for special efforts, excellent behaviour, positive attitudes and achievements based upon our five school values of respect, kindness, excellence, community and responsibility. House points can be given by any adult in our school during any part of the school day, reflecting our commitment to working as a team and ensuring a consistent, positive approach to behaviour.

All pupils are grouped into house teams represented by a colour (yellow, blue, green and red). Siblings are placed in the same team.

House points are given as coloured ‘tokens’ which are totalled by the Year 6 house point monitors at the end of each week. Once totalled, teams are given points (1, 2, 3 or 4) according to the total number of house points collected. The team with the most points will be awarded 4 and the team with the least points will be awarded 1. Each Friday, the winning house team is announced in our whole school celebration assembly and the overall winner for each term is announced on the last Friday of the term. The winning team is rewarded with a ‘fun’ afternoon of their choosing which takes place the following term.

Shooting Stars

Each teacher (often with children’s suggestions) chooses a ‘Shooting Star’ of the week. The name of the child and the reason why they have been chosen are revealed during our Friday celebration assembly. ‘Shooting Stars’ have their names listed on the newsletters and displayed ‘in lights’ on the website. Stars are also given a certificate, a badge of their team colour and five house points.

Other rewards:

  • Class teachers and Learning Support Assistants also use stickers and stamps to acknowledge significant effort and achievement in children’s work.
  • Each class/year group also use reward systems appropriate to the children’s age, for example in year 1 teachers use a rainbow chart system based on school values and in year 6 teachers encourage children to self reflect on their day using a 3-2-1 system. Please refer to year group curriculum newsletters for details on individual class/year group reward systems.
  • Children may also have individual reward charts or similar
  • Children may take work to Ms Loughrey or Mrs Goodchild for a special reward sticker
  • Penpal certificates are given out to encourage children to improve their presentation and handwriting.
  • Attendance cups are awarded to the classes with the best weekly attendance.