Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All

Staff Team

Headteacher:Ms Michelle Loughrey
Deputy Headteacher:Mrs Abby Goodchild
Assistant Headteacher:Mr Tom Cleary
Inclusions Manager (incl. SENCO):Miss Kathryn Knapp
YRAsh Class Teacher: Miss Sarah Bishop (EYFS Leader)
  Learning Support Assistant: Miss Stephanie Ritchie
 Oak Class Teacher:Miss Sarah Cross
  Learning Support Assistant:Mrs Jody Cook
Y1Rowan Class Teacher: Mr Tom Cleary (Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs Sian Scanlan (Teach Direct Student)
  Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Jacqui Joslin (Liz Michael)
 Holly Class Teacher: Mrs Libby Manktelow
 Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Alexia Maudsley
Mrs Paula Wallis
Y2Yew Class Teacher: Mrs Becky Goodwin (KS1 Literacy Leader)
  Willow Class Teacher: Mrs Rachel Cox/Mrs Michelle Smith
  Year 2 Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Bev Christie
Mrs Ingrid Burgoyne
Mrs Linda Bishop (key person)
Miss Hannah Howarth (key person)
Y3 Elm Class Teacher: Miss Johanna Robinson
 Larch Class Teacher: Mr Christian Rushton
  Year 3 Learning Support Assistants:Mrs Paula Tavender
Mrs Jackie Illsley
Clara Sanjar (key person)
Jo Trotter (key person
Y4 Maple Class Teacher: Mrs Judith Thompson (Year 3 & 4 Leader of Learning)
  Cherry Class Teacher: Mrs Mandy Smith/Mrs Jayne Glynn
  Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Julie Mitton
Y5Cedar Class Teacher:Mr Simon Bunch
 Beech Class Teacher:Mrs Rachelle Swales
Mrs Emma Cummins
  Year 5 Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Nickola Cousins
Mrs Belinda Mildenhall
Ms Yvonne Wash (key person)
Y6 Pine Class Teachers: Mrs Elaine Mousley (KS2 Literacy Leader)
Mrs Fiona Goodman
  Sycamore Class Teacher: Mr Joe Lowndes
  Year 6 Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Naomi Adams
Mrs Julie Croft
Mrs Wendy Thompson (key person)
  PE/PPA Teacher: Mrs Rachelle Swales
  Leadership cover teacher: Mrs Helen Tivey
  Librarian Mrs Anna Moat
  SENCO Administrator:Miss Yvonne Wash
  LSA (group intervention for KS2 children with language and communication SEN): Mrs Jo Leeder
School Business Manager: Mr Rob Harrison
(personnel related issues; finance related issues; school admissions; medical issues; building issues; school admissions; DBS checks)
Admin Assistant: Mrs Caroline Waite
(school dinners: billing, enquiries, admin; attendance; after school clubs/trips: billing, enquiries, admin; parents evening enquiries; student liaison, work experience bookings)
Cook:Mrs Liz Chilcott
Lunchtime Supervisors: Mrs Michael, Mrs Tavender, Mrs Bishop, Mrs Curtain, Mrs Guadalupe, Miss Howarth, Mrs Pledge, Mrs McGrath
Site Manager:Mr Kevin Hockney
Cleaning Staff: Mr Jay & Two Counties Cleaners