Weeke Primary School

Achievement For All

Shooting Stars for 24 March 2017

Here are the children who have performed exceptionally well this week - our Shooting Stars!

Charlie (Holly) for improving in all his lessons and trying really hard.

Mara (Rowan) for her brilliant art when drawing her spring picture.

William (Yew) for his brilliant behaviour and great listening.

Hannah (Yew) for her superb maths work and tackling every maths challenge she’s given.

Sam (Willow) for trying so hard to improve his handwriting; Sam has begun to join up.

Florence (Elm) for being so enthusiastic and throwing herself into everything.

Isabella (Larch) for her brilliant writing and being a great role model and friend.

Phoebe (Cherry) for getting involved in lots of activities and putting 100% into everything.

Adam (Maple) for his amazing maths and improving his ability to explain his answers.

Alice (Beech) for improving her confidence in maths.

Ruby (Cedar) for thinking outside the box and helping everyone else think in a different way.

Nancy (Pine) for being a great role model and being confident to take risks in maths. Nancy is also very thoughtful.

Leo (Sycamore) for doing well in assembly and demonstrating his great sense of humour!