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Last term we bought lots of new play equipment for children to play with at break times, we had lots of fun unpacking it and putting it in storage units around the playground.

We decided to recruit play leaders from each class to help out at break, report broken equipment and make sure everyone is playing safely and taking care of the new toys. Play leaders also help children by leading games. They are now on the playground every day wearing their yellow tabards.

We helped to interview candidates for our new School Business Manager which was exciting. We decided what sort of person would suit our school and made a wordle.

Wordle May 2017

Then we chose some questions and askedthe candidates them:

  1. Q1: Why do you want to work with 420 children?
  2. Q2: What is your favourite previous job and why?
  3. Q3: Children at Weeke are awarded a Shooting Star for demonstrating our school values. How could you be the Shooting Star of the office?
  4. Q4: Imagine you were having a really busy day. If I knocked on your door because I’d left my lunchbox at home, what would you do?
  5. Q5: How would you help the school council organise a "Weeke’s Got Talent" day and if you entered, what would be your talent?

At the end of last term we also decided that we wanted to raise some money for some charities. We are planning a fundraising day this term. We are also hoping to organise a "Weeke’s Got Talent" event!

We represent every pupil to make Weeke Primary school a better place to learn and to make improvements to the school and community.
Weeke Primary School Council, November 2016.

Our School Council is a place where we discuss our ideas and aspirations for our school. We can make decisions for the school and all the pupils. Two children in years 1 to 6 were elected by their class mates after applying for the job. All the Council members, alongside children in all year groups, have the chance to improve our school during monthly meetings with Mrs Goodchild.

Last year’s school councillors improved our school library by creating an amazing outside reading area by painting special tables, chairs and planting flowers to make our new willow domes a really peaceful place to read in.

This year we are making even more improvements. We will achieve better playtimes and lunchtimes by buying more play equipment and electing playtime leaders from years 1 – 6 to help keep our equipment safe and tidy and encouraging others to play nicely. We hope this will mean a better playtime for everyone. We are also hoping to create some more awards for children linked to our school values. Finally, we would like to raise some money for different charities. We may have other ideas as the year goes on. We will keep you updated!

Earlier this term, the school council were invited to help plant trees to mark the installation of the new play equipment over on St Matthew's field.

The children enjoyed the opportunity and we are looking forward to making good use of the equipment on the field.

You will be able to spot us as we wear bright school council badges. Please come and talk to us if you have some questions or ideas.

Roseanne and Freya, Year 6 School Councillors

  • Lydia Y1
  • Zara Y1
  • Ethen Y2
  • Joe Y2
  • Evie Y3
  • Honor Y3
  • HopeS Y4
  • Thomas Y4
  • Freddie Y5
  • SamuelY5
  • Freya Y6
  • Roseanne Y6

School Council Meeting Minutes:

School Council Update – Spring Term 2016

In December we travelled up to Henry Beaufort School to take part in a school council based day where we learned about British values. We joined up with other school council reps in our year and participated in various activities around the values. This trip improved our ideas and what we should contribute to our meetings.

On the 18th of March we planned a Sports Relief day to raise money for this charity. We thought about the Olympics coming up and how we could relate it to this day. For example, each class/year could be given a participating country to represent whilst we take part in different sports. Another suggestion is that we should all run a mile and dress up in sport clothes with a donation of a pound. We decided upon a ’50 metre dash.’ The year sixes also baked cakes.

Mr Cleary has been asking the school council for ideas to redevelop the old library. We would like to transform it into a comfortable learning space where there are plenty of resources to learn with a fun aspect. We took back some questionnaires to our classes for discussion; some ideas were that we should have a relaxing carpet space, a desk with writing materials on, beanbags and bookshelves.

We have also been given the job for improving the library by taking back another questionnaire for our class to share their views. Mrs Moat is very keen to make the space as enjoyable as possible and so would like to provide new furniture and create encouraging displays to help to inspire young readers.

We had a quick discussion in one of our meetings involving team treats. We asked the following questions:

  • When is it best to take place?
  • Should more than one team join together for the treat?
  • What should the treat be?

We sent these questions to each class to help think of new ideas.

By Lucy and Jane (Year 6 reps)

Here are some photos of our activities in 2015-2016: